Worldwide Mining Congress

WORLDWIDE MINING CONGRESS (EN: World Mining Congress; DE: Weltbergbaukongreß; FR: Congres Minier Mondial; ES: Congreso Minero Mundial; RU: всемирный горный конгресс) is the international non-governmental organization, which unifies the specialists and scientists from the different countries, which are working within the field of the mastering of the deposits of the solid useful minerals. The first congress has been gathered during the 1957 on the initiative of the Governmental Mining Council of Poland, which has been supported by the Committee on the Coal of the European Economic Commission of the United Nations Organization, and by the leading specialists of the mining industry of the series of the countries (including the USSR).

The major objectives of the Worldwide Mining Congress are: the assistance to the scientific-technical cooperation for the progress within the field of the mining science and technology, and also for the protection of the environment. During the conducting of the Worldwide Mining Congress, there are organized the international exhibitions of the mining equipment, and also the technical excursions for the acquaintance with the scientific institutions and industrial enterprises within the country, which is the organizer of the congress.

(Table) The Worldwide Mining Congresses
The congress The year The place of the conducting The quantity of the participants The quantity of the participating countries The quantity of the reports The motto of the congress
1-й 1958 Warsaw (Poland) 700 15 72 The underground mine construction
2-й 1961 Prague (Czechoslovakia) 800 17 50 The profitability of the mining industry
3-й 1963 Salzburg (Austria) 900 22 60 The occupational safety within the mining industry
4-й 1965 London (United Kingdom) 2000 41 42 The modern systems for the developments
5-й 1967 Moscow (USSR) 2000 73 52 The technical progress within the mining industry
6-й 1970 Madrid (Spain) 1700 48 88 The science at the service of the mining craft
7-й 1972 Bucharest (Romania) 1850 51 75 The organization and management within the mining industry
8-й 1974 Lima (Peru) 1650 48 82 The forecast of the development of the mining craft till the 2000
9-й 1976 Dusseldorf (West Germany) 1500 55 100 The mining industry and raw materials are the key to the progress
10-й 1979 Istanbul (Turkey) 1500 45 79 The mining craft and mineral raw materials at the service of the humankind
11-й 1982 Belgrade (Yugoslavia) 1784 57 100 The mineral raw materials are the factor of the worldwide economy

Since the 1958, the Worldwide Mining Congress is gathered every 2-3 years (see the Table).

The International Organizing Committee (IOC WMC) determines the theme, time, and place for the conducting of the next Worldwide Mining Congress, considers and approves the reports, resolves the organizational issues. The financing and publication of the works of the next Worldwide Mining Congress is entrusted to the National Committee of the country, within which this Congress is conducted. The IOC WMC comprises the members, the honorary members, and the representatives of the other international organizations (the 102 members from the 34 countries in total). There are the members of the IOC WMC: the representatives of the national committees, which have adopted the charter of the Worldwide Mining Congress, and which are encompassing the scientific, technical, and industrial organizations, and the professional societies (including the leading specialists of the mining science and technology) of this country, the representatives of the national scientific-technical societies, unive rsities, scientific-researching institutes and organizations, of the other professional and industrial organizations, which are associated with the mining science and technology, and also of the countries, where have not yet been created the national committees. The honorary members of the IOC WMC are the activists from the different countries, who have brought the significant contribution into the activity of the Worldwide Mining Congress, and into the international cooperation within the field of the mining craft. The IOC WMC gathers for the sittings 2 times per year within the different countries according to the agreement.

The Worldwide Mining Congress includes 3 auxiliary organizations: the International Bureau for the mechanics of the rock (has been created during the 1972; the secretariat is within the Gliwice city, Poland); the International Bureau for the mining thermophysics (1977, within the Kiev city, USSR); the International Society for the mining surveyor craft (1978, within the Aachen city, West Germany).

The chairmen of the IOC WMC are: B. Krupinsky (1958-72), M. Morozovsky (1972-77), B. Shtrants (since the 1977). See also the Worldwide Gas Congresses, and the Worldwide Petroleum Congresses.