WINDROWING (EN: ridging, bunding; DE: Schwaden; FR: andainage; ES: apilamiento; RU: валкование) is the technological operation for the gathering of the milled or lumpy peat from the continuous layer into the windrows. The major requirement, which is presented for the windrowing, is the gathering of the peat into the windrow without the undercutting of the top layer of the peat deposition. The windrowing is performed by the peat windrowers. The width of the strip, from which the peat is being gathered into the windrow per one pass during the harvesting of the milled peat by the bunker harvesting machines (the width of the sweep by the section of the windrower) is 3.2-4.8 metres; in case of the usage of the reloading harvesting machines, the width of the strip is 18-19 metres.