Wave impact

WAVE IMPACT (EN: wave influence, wave action; DE: Welleneinwirken, Wellenwirkung; FR: action des vagues; ES: accion de las olas; RU: волновое воздействие) is the interaction of the marine waves with the watercrafts, built structures, drilling installations, and similar equipment, and also with the marine shores, underwater mine workings, and bottom.

The wave impact is the important factor, which is causing the significant influence onto the conducting of the exploratory and mining works, because it causes the rocking and damaging of the drilling installations, marine dredges, dredgers, floating beneficiation plants, and mechanisms at the bottom; the wave impact leads to the filling of the underwater mine workings with the alluviums, erodes the waste dumps and stopes at the bottom; the wave impact destructs the piers, quays, breakwaters, and other artificial built structures, and forms the relief of the shores; the wave impact causes the unfavourable physiological influence onto the servicing personnel.

For the decreasing of the wave impact, they build the breakwaters and groynes, they use the passive and active calmers and compensators against the rocking of the watercrafts, the ballasting and the devices for the dynamic positioning, and the amortizing suspensions; they use the flexible (hose, cable, rope) link between the extracting installation and providing watercraft; they place the technological equipment above the level of the wave impact onto the self-propelled chassis (of the tracked, wheeled, walking, and stationary types) at the bottom, or they protect the underwater mine workings using the construction of the underwater breakwaters (for example, pneumatic), of the dams, and so on; they fixate the drilling platforms at the bottom of the water body.

They perform the evaluation of the wave impact according to the special scale, which is linking the sea state in terms of the points with the height of the waves in terms of the metres, and also in terms of the megapascals. Within the regions of the seas of the Far East, there represent the greatest danger the tsunamis and hurricanes, the wave impact of which can cause the catastrophic consequences. For the purposes of the prevention of the wave impact, there have been established the limitations for the work of the equipment and watercrafts in case of the determined force of the wave impact.