Water-spray curtain

(Figure # 1) The typical schemes for the positioning of the vessels with the water within the stopes with 1 exposed layerWATER-SPRAY CURTAIN (EN: water sprayer curtain, water pulverizer curtain; DE: Wasserschleier; FR: rideau d'eau; ES: cortina de agua; RU: водораспылительная завеса) is the water-air medium, which is created for the prevention of the ignition and of the transmission of the explosion within the methane-dust-air mixture during the conducting of the blasting works within the stopes of the underground mines.

The spraying of the water is achieved, using the explosion of the cartridge of the explosive substances, with the mass of 100-200 grams, which is placed into the polyethylene vessel, which is filled with the water, and which is suspended or laid onto the soil of the mine working (see the Figure # 1, and the Figure # 2). They connect the charges of the explosive substances within the vessels with the water and within the blastholes in series into the unified blasting circuit, and they detonate these charges simultaneously using one detonation machine. The voluminous capacity of each vessel, which is suspended, is 0.02-0.025 cubic metres, and of the vessel, which is laid onto the soil, is up to 0.04-0.05 cubic metres. The total expenditure of the water within the vessels for the prevention of one explosion is determined according to the calculation of at least 5 kilograms per 1 square metre of the total transverse cross-section of the mine working.

(Figure # 2) The typical schemes for the positioning of the vessels with the water within the stopes with 2 exposed layersThe water-spray curtain is created within the underground mines during the performance of the blasting works: within the coal and mixed stopes at the layers with the emission of the gas of more than 5 cubic metres per 1 tonne of the daily extraction, and also within the stopes, which are dangerous because of the dust, independently of the category according to the gas; within the stopes with the blowhole emissions of the gas; at the layers, which are prone to the sudden outbursts of coal and gas, and also within the zones of the mine workings, which are dangerous because of the outbursts of the rock and gas. In case of the conducting of the blasting works using several stages, the water-spray curtains must be created during each stage of the blasting. Within the underground schist mines, they use the water-spray curtain both within the preparatory mine workings, and within the cleaning mine workings.