Water-saturated rocks

WATER-SATURATED ROCKS (EN: water-saturated rock; DE: wassergesattigte Gesteine; FR: roches saturees en eau, roches hydraulicitees; ES: rocas saturadas en agua; RU: водонасыщенные горные породы) are the rocks, within which all the pores and voids are completely filled (are saturated) with the free and bound water. These rocks are embedded within the zone of the saturation. They distinguish the water-bearing water-saturated rocks (pebbles, sands, sandstones, cracked limestones, and so on), which are containing prevalently the free water, and the water-resistant water-saturated rocks (clays, schists, dense crystalline rocks, and so on), which are containing prevalently the bound water. During the conducting of the mining works within the water-saturated rocks, they use the special methods for the penetration with the plugging, freezing, lowering of the water level, and so on.