Water-distribution system

 (Figure) The annular and radial water-distribution systemsWATER-DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM (EN: water distribution system; DE: Wasserverteilungssystem; FR: systeme de distribution d'eau; ES: sistema de distribucion de agua; RU: водораспределительная система) is the complex of the pipelines, pumping and other special equipment of the productive petroleum fields for the delivery of the water to the injection boreholes. The water-distribution system may be (see the Figure) annular, radial, and linear.

They construct the annular water-distribution systems at the petroleum fields, which are significant in terms of the area (with the circular or oval shape). These systems are prominent because of the highest reliability, in view of the existence of the special short-cuts, which are allowing us to exclude operatively the emergency parts of the water-distribution system from the circuit. There belong to the complex of the built structures of the water-distribution system the water-purification station, the trunk and supply water conduits, the underground reservoirs for the clean water, the grouped pump stations, the distribution wells, which have been made of the reinforced concrete, the water conduits of the high pressure, and the injection lines and boreholes.

The trunk water conduits, usually with the diameter of 800-1200 millimetres, are calculated for the pressure of up to 3 megapascals. The diameter of the water conduits for the high pressure is 100-150 millimetres, the maximal working pressure is up to 25 megapascals, the throughput is up to 2000 cubic metres per day. They connect to the pipelines of this type one (in case of the diameter of 100 millimetres) or two (150 millimetres) injection boreholes. They construct all the water conduits of the system for the water flooding of the whole-pulled seamless steel pipes. One grouped pump station provides with the water up to 10 injection boreholes; this station works in the completely automatic mode. For the prevention of the corrosive destruction of the equipment, especially during the pumping of the waste waters, there are installed at the grouped pump stations the dosing pumps for the delivery of the corrosion inhibitors into the water conduits for the high pressure.