Water collector

(Figure) THE WATER COLLECTOR within the underground mine - the scheme of the situation of the mine workingsWATER COLLECTOR within the underground mine (EN: water sump of a mine shaft; DE: Sumpf, Schachtsumpf; FR: collecteur d'eau de mine; ES: colector agua del pozo; RU: водосборник шахтный) is the complex of the underground mine workings, which are purposed for the collection, accumulation, and partial clarification of the waters within the underground mine, before the pumping-out of these waters using the water management installation.

They distinguish the water collectors of the main water management, and the local water collectors. The water collectors are situated below the major (drainage) horizon, and are connected using the passways with other mine workings, and with the water intake wells of the pump chamber, the water from which is pumped-out using the pumps, and is delivered through the pipes onto the surface, or to the pumping water management installation. The voluminous capacity of the water collector of the main water management is calculated for at least 4 hours of the normal water inflow, while the capacity of the local water collector is calculated for 2 hours of the inflow. The shape of the cross section and the structure of the roof support within the water collector are the same as within the capital mine workings.

Within the water collectors of the main water management, between the passways and other mine workings, they often construct the chambers of the clarifying reservoirs (see the Figure). The water within these chambers passes the preliminary purification of the large suspensions, which are sedimented onto the soil of the chamber. The chambers of the clarifying reservoirs, and the mine workings of the water collectors, are systematically cleaned of the silt; the siltation of them is tolerated for at most 30%. During the period of the preparation of the underground mines for the reception of the freshet waters, the cleaning of the water collector is performed independently of the degree of the siltation. They extract the silt using the scraper installations, or using the hydraulic method. In the latter case, they penetrate the mine workings of the water collector with the inclination of 0.001-0.002 towards the wells of the pump chamber.