Letter "W"

Water saturation

WATER SATURATION of the rocks is the degree of the filling of the pore space, voids, and cracks within the rocks with the water.

Water pressure regime

WATER PRESSURE REGIME of the natural gas fields is the regime, in case of which the influx of of the useful minerals into the bottomholes of the extractive boreholes is caused by the energy...

Water control umbrella

WATER CONTROL UMBRELLA is the device in the form of the shell, which is installed inside the underground built structure (at the distance of 10-20 centimetres from the lining) for the diversion of the water, which is seeping through the pores, cracks...

Water control

WATER CONTROL of the mine workings is the system of the activities for the prevention or limiting of the inflow of the superficial, underground, and mine waters into the mine workings...

Water-inflow ditch

WATER-INFLOW DITCH is the hydrotechnic built structure for the water supply with the natural pressure for the means of the hydraulic mechanization, for the dredging polygons, for the installations for the water thawing of the frozen rocks...

Water intake built structure

WATER INTAKE BUILT STRUCTURE, water intake, is the hydrotechnic built structure for the intake of the water from the water body, watercourse, or underground water source, for the purpose of the industrial and household-domestic water supply.

Water object

WATER OBJECT is the natural or artificially created concentration of the water, which is or may be the source for the water usage, for the water supply, or for the water flooding of the mine workings.

Water-sludge facilities

WATER-SLUDGE FACILITIES is the technological complex for the water supply, processing of the waste and recycled waters, and also of the sludges and tiny wastes (tailings) from the beneficiation.

Water legislation

WATER LEGISLATION is the totality of the juridical norms, which are regulating the social relations for the usage and protection of the waters.


WODGINITE is the mineral of the family of the titanium tantalum niobates, Mn(Sn,Ta,Ti,Fe)(Ta,Nb)2O8. Wodginite contains up to 74% of Ta2O5, and 9-13% of SnO2.


WAFRA is the petroleum field within Kuwait, at the distance of 85 kilometres to the south of the Kuwait City. Wafra belongs to the Persian Gulf petroleum-gas-bearing basin.


WANSHAN is the group of the mercury deposits within China (the Guizhou, Hunan, and Sichuan provinces, and the Guangxi-Zhuang autonomous region).


WINDROWING is the technological operation for the gathering of the milled or lumpy peat from the continuous layer into the windrows.

Wallachian folding

WALLACHIAN FOLDING, see within the "Alpine folding" article.


WACKENRODITE is the mineral, the variety of the wad.


WAIRAKEI is the geothermal field within the New Zealand country, see the "Wairakei" article.


WYOMING is the uranium ore region, the second according to the significance (after the Colorado plateau) on the territory of the USA.

Wadi al-Arab

WADI AL-ARAB are the ancient copper mines near the Gulf of Aqaba, of the Red Sea; they are known also under the "King Solomon's Mines" name. The area is up to 400 square kilometres.


WAD is the collective name of the minerals, namely, of the earthy mixtures of the manganese hydroxides (with the predominance of the water dioxide, and sometimes of the minerals of the psilomelane group).


WAGON-DISPENSER, hopper-dispenser is the railway wagon for the transportation and mechanized unloading, with the simultaneous dosage and leveling of the ballast materials, during the construction and repair of the railway track.

Washing trommel development

WASHING TROMMEL DEVELOPMENT is the process for the primitive development of the placers, using their erosion by the free-flowing water stream, which is passed through the ditch, which is traversing the deposit.

Washing trommel

WASHING TROMMEL is the trommel screen (barrel, zhelomeyka); the washing trommel is the most ancient device for the washing of the sands from the placer deposits of gold and cassiterite.

White moss

WHITE MOSS see the "Sphagnum" article.

Wasteless technology

WASTELESS TECHNOLOGY is the direction for the comprehensive utilization of the useful minerals, and for the protection of the environment against the pollutions...

Water area

WATER AREA (the Russian word is derived from the Latin word "aqua", which means water, and the word "territory") is the area of the water surface of the port, gulf, sea, ocean.

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