Vuktyl field

(Figure) The installation for the comprehensive processing of the gas

VUKTYL GAS CONDENSATE FIELD (RU: Вуктыльское месторождение) is situated at the distance of 160 kilometres to the east of the Ukhta city; the field belongs to the Timan-Pechora petroliferous province. The field has been discovered during the 1964, and is being developed since the 1968. The reserves of the gas are 339 billion cubic metres. The field is situated within the central part of the Upper Pechora depression of the fore-Ural foredeep, and is confined to the anticlinal fold with the sizes of 85x5x1.5 kilometres. There are gas-bearing the depositions of the Lower Permian and Carboniferous, which are represented by the limestones, dolomites, marls, and calcareous mudstones. There is being developed the massive tabular reservoir with the height of 1440 metres; the depth of the embedment is 2150-3500 metres. The gas-water, gas-petroleum, and water-petroleum contacts are at the depth of 3316 metres. The carbonatic collector is of the pore-crack and crack-pore type. The general porosity is 0.1-27.3%, the permeability is 10-235 millidarcies. The initial reservoir pressure is 34.2 megapascals, the temperature is 92 degrees Celsius. The composition of the gas is (%): CH4 is 84.5; C2H6 and more is 10.3; CO2 is 0.1; N2 is 5.1. The density of the gas in relation to the air is 0.933.

The content of the stable condensate is 0.35 kilograms per cubic metre. There are operated 77 gushing boreholes. Before the transportation, the gas is subjected to the primary processing. There exists the Vuktyl - Ukhta - Torzhok trunk gas pipeline.