"VOSTOK-2" (RU: "Восток-2") is the deposit of the tungsten ores within the Primorsky territory of the Russian Federation. The deposit has been discovered during the 1961, and has been explored during the 1962-65. The deposit is being developed by the Primorsky mining-beneficiation combined enterprise. The deposit is situated within the zone of the central tectonic fault of the Sikhote-Alin mountain range.

The tungsten mineralization of the skarn type is localized at the contact of the stock of the granodiorites, with the Upper Permian limestones and hornfels. The series of the sub-parallel tabular depositions of the greisenized and skarned rocks extends into the north-eastern direction for 600-800 metres, with the dip at the north-west, with the angles of 55-80 degrees. The main ore deposition with the thickness of up to 50 metres has been formed of the quartz-scheelite and scheelite-sulfide ores.

There have the major significance the scheelite-sulfide ores, within which the pyrrhotite amounts to 70-80%, with the subordinate quantity of the arsenopyrite, bismuthine, sphalerite, wolframite, cassiterite, stannite, and native bismuth. The deposit is mined using the open-pit mine. The ore is beneficiated according to the combined flotation scheme with the obtainment of the scheelite concentrate.