Voskoboynikov, Nikolay Ivanovich

VOSKOBOYNIKOV, Nikolay Ivanovich (RU: Воскобойников, Николай Иванович ) (the 1803 - after the 1846) is the Russian mining engineer. After the graduation during the 1823 from the Mining Cadet Corps within the Saint Petersburg city, he worked at the Georgian mining expedition, which during the 1832 has been transformed into the mining subdivision of the governmental expedition of the Supreme Georgian government (during the 1834-38, he was simultaneously the director of the salt deposits and petroleum fields within the Baku and Shirvan regions), and since the 1842, he worked at the Corps of the mining engineers. He has conducted the researches of the deposits of the ores of copper, lead, arsenic, and iron, and also of the rock salt, petroleum, and mineral waters, at the Caucasus, within the Crimea, and on the territory of Iran. He has given the first detailed description of the methods for the shoring of the petroleum dug wells, and for the extraction of the petroleum from these dug wells, he has developed the classification for the Baku petroleums, and has explained the origin of the "white petroleum", he has pointed for the first time onto the tight association between the petroleum fields and the manifestations of the mud volcanism.