"VOROSHILOVGRADUGOL" (RU: "Ворошиловградуголь") is the productive consortium of the Ministry of the Coal Industry of the Ukraininan SSR for the extraction of the coal within the Lutugino, Perevalsk, and Slavyanoserbsk districts of the Voroshilovgrad province. The major centre is the Voroshilovgrad city. The consortium has been created on the basis of the "Voroshilovgradugol" combined enterprise during the 1970. The consortium includes the 15 underground mines with the mine administrations, the "Voroshilovgrad-uglestroy" building enterprise, and so on. The largest underground mines of the "Voroshilovgradugol" consortium are the "Lutuginskaya" mine (4.5 thousand tonnes of the coal per day), and the "Voroshilovgradskaya" mine (3.3 thousand tonnes). The underground mines of the "Voroshilovgradugol" consortium conduct the extraction at the coal deposits of the periphery of the Donetsk coal basin. The coal layers (18), which are being developed, have the angles of the dip from 0 to 90 degrees, and the thickness from 0.5 to 1.8 metres. The marks of the coals are: G, GZH, K, OS, T, A. The depth of the development is 250-650 metres. All the underground mines are dangerous because of the gas (methane). The working of the mine fields is performed mainly using the long pillars along the dip and along the strike (45.1%). The major means for the mechanization of the works at the underground mines are the mechanized complexes with the hydraulic roof support, the narrow-area combined cutting-loading machines with the individual roof support, and also the plough installations. At the penetration works, they use the combined cutting-loading machines, the drilling installations, and the loading machines. The underground transport is equipped with the heavy electric locomotives, and with the belt conveyors.

The combined enterprise has been awarded with the Order of Lenin (1966).