"Vorgashorskaya""VORGASHORSKAYA" (RU: "Воргашорская") is the underground coal mine of the "Vorkutaugol" productive consortium of the Ministry of the Coal Industry of the USSR. The mine is situated at the distance of 25 kilometres from the Vorkuta city, within the north-eastern part of the Pechora basin. The mine develops (since the 1975) the "Moschnyi" layer of the Vorgashorskoe deposit; the structure of the layer is simple, the average thickness is 3 metres, the angle of the dip (predominant) is 1-6 degrees, the depth of the development is 176 metres. The productive capacity is 4.5 million tonnes of the coal per year. The coal is coking, with the medium ash content, and with the low sulfur content, belongs to the ZH10 group; the ash content is from 9 to 20%, the sulfur content is from 0.6 to 1.6%. The calorific value is 24.3 megajoules per kilogram. The mine field has been unsealed using the vertical mine shafts (one mine shaft for the cage, and two mine shafts for the skips), and using the crosscuts (one for the railway, and one for the conveyor); the system of the development is with the long columns along the downdip and along the updip. The active longwall stopes (7) are equipped with the mechanized complexes. The penetration of the preparatory mine workings is performed using the combined cutting-loading machines. The transportation of the coal through the inclines is performed using the belt conveyors, the delivery of the equipment and materials into the cleaning and preparatory stopes is performed using the monorail ropeways.