Volgograd Institute of the Petroleum Industry

VOLGOGRAD INSTITUTE OF THE PETROLEUM INDUSTRY (RU: Волгоградский институт нефтяной промышленности; EN: the Volgograd Scientific-Researching Designing Institute for the Petroleum; RU: Волгоград НИПИ нефть) of the Ministry of the Petroleum Industry of the USSR has been organized during the 1959, within the Volgograd city. The major scientific directions are: the substantiation of the ways for the increasing of the explored reserves of the petroleum and gas on the territory of the Lower Volga region and of the Caspian depression, the rational development of the petroleum and gas fields, the development of the technological processes for the drilling of the deep boreholes, the designing-surveying works for the equipping of the petroleum and gas fields. The scientific units of the Institute (1982) comprise 6 departments, and the designing units comprise 14 departments. The collections of the works are published since the 1962.