Volcanic bomb

VOLCANIC BOMB (EN: volcanic bomb; DE: Vulkanbombe; FR: bombe volcanique; ES: bomba volcanica; RU: вулканическая бомба) is the congealed lump of the lava, which has been ejected in the liquid state from the crater of the volcano during the eruption. The shape of the volcanic bomb depends on the composition of the lava. The liquid lavas have no time to cool completely within the air, and they acquire the shape of the pancake during the fall onto the ground. The lavas with the low viscosity (of the basalt type), while they are rotating, adopt during the flight the twisted, spindle, pear, and similar shapes. The viscous lavas (for example, of the andesite type) acquire the shape of the bread crust type (rounded or irregularly multi-faceted) and are covered with the network of the small cracks. The sizes of the volcanic bombs are from 5 centimetres to 7 metres (the length).