Vojislav, Sigismund Grigorievich

Vojislav, S.G.VOJISLAV, Sigismund Grigorievich (RU: Войслав, Сигизмунд Григорьевич) is the Russian mining engineer. He has graduated from the Warsaw University (1871) and from the Saint Petersburg Mining Institute (1876). He worked at the Ural mountains, since the 1877, he taught at the Saint Petersburg Mining Institute, since the 1894, he taught at the Moscow Agricultural Institute. He has created the manual auger with the eccentrically fastened tool (the so-called manual auger by Vojislav, 1876), for the drilling of the exploratory boreholes with the large diameter. During the 1898, he has obtained the privileges for the method of the insertion of the diamonds into the steel (together with Ya. Kulesh), and he has developed the theory of the diamond drilling. During the 1888, he has created the Bureau for the research of the soils, which assisted to the geological study of the territory of Russia, and he has developed the method for the search for the gas fields. Vojislav is one of the founders of the Society of the Mining Engineers within Russia.