Vitrinite group

VITRINITE GROUP (EN: vitrinites; DE: Vitrinitgruppe; FR: groupe de vitrinite; ES: vitrinitas; RU: витринита группа) is the group of the microcomponents of the fossil coals, which is including the collinite and telinite (according to the GOST 9414-60 Soviet standard, and according to the Stopes-Heerlen system, 1935). For the brown coals, this group includes, besides these components, the attrinite and telocollinite (according to the GOST 12112-66 Soviet standard). According to the system of the Geological Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, the vitrinite group unifies the following microcomponents: gelinite-telinite, gelinite-posttelinite, gelinite-precollinite, and gelinite-collinite.