Virnovsky, Anatoly Semenovich

(Figure) VIRNOVSKY, Anatoly Semenovich

VIRNOVSKY, Anatoly Semenovich (RU: Вирновский, Анатолий Семёнович) is the Soviet scientist in the field of the mining science, the doctor of the technical sciences (1954), the professor (1956). Virnovsky is the member of the CPSU since the 1944. During the 1931, Virnovsky has graduated from the Azerbaijan Petroleum Institute (now the Azerbaijan Institute of Petroleum and Chemistry named after M. Azizbekov). During the 1931 - 1936, Virnovsky worked at the productive petroleum fields of Azerbaijan, since the 1936, Virnovsky was engaged in the scientific work at the Azerbaijan Scientific-Researching Petroleum Institute, and since the 1943, at the All-Union Scientific-Researching Petroleum-Gas Institute. Virnovsky researched the influence of the loads onto the superficial equipment during the deep-pump extraction of petroleum, and has developed the methods for the calculation of the maximal forces within the rods of the pumps. Virnovsky has conducted the first works on the electric modeling of the processes, which are proceeding within the underground part of the rod-driven deep-pump installation. Virnovsky has been awarded with the Governmental Prize of the USSR (1950), for the radical reconstruction of the deep-pump method for the extraction of petroleum.