Vibratory tube concentrator

(Figure # 1) The vibratory concentrator

VIBRATORY TUBE CONCENTRATOR (EN: vibrating tube concentrator; DE: Ruttelrohr-konzentrator; FR: vibroconcentrateur de tube; ES: vibroconcentrador de turbo; RU: виброконцентратор трубный) is the apparatus for the gravitational beneficiation of the sands from the placer deposits with the particle size of - 3 + 0.074 millimetres. The vibratory tube concentrator comprises (see the Figure # 1) the two rigidly linked concentrating elements, which are performing the harmonic oscillations, which are fixed onto the frame. Under the action of the vibration (the amplitude is 0.2-0.7 millimetres, the frequency is 16-33 hertz) and water, which is delivered under the pressure, the material, which is continuously arriving into the concentrating elements, is separated according to the density. The grains of the heavy minerals, and the intergrowths of these grains, fall out of the zone of the action of the superficial flow, and steadily, under the influence of the vibration and inclination of the tubes, move to the place for the unloading. The vibratory tube concentrator, in comparison with the concentrating table (the installation of the analogous type), consumes by 2-3 times less water and e lectric energy; the performance of the vibratory tube concentrator is 6-10 tonnes per hour.

(Рисунок № 2) Концентрационный элемент / (Figure # 2) The concentrating element(Figure # 2) The concentrating element