Vibratory processing of boreholes

VIBRATORY PROCESSING OF BOREHOLES (EN: vibrotreatment of boreholes; DE: Vibrationsbehandlung von Bohrlochern, Vibrostimulation von Sonden; FR: vibrotraitement des trous de sonde; ES: vibrotratamiento de los pozos; RU: виброобработка скважин) is the method for the increasing of the permeability of the rocks within the bottomhole zone of the operating and injecting boreholes with the help of the hydraulic vibrators. This method is based on the percussive action of the impulses of pressure, which are generated within the liquid, which is filling the barrel of the borehole, or which is circulating through the pump-compressor pipes and external annulus. The fluid hammer with the instantaneous multifold increasing of the pressure is created during the closure of the valve or slide within the vibrator of the corresponding type, which is installed within the bottomhole zone on the string of the pump-compressor pipes (stationarily or temporarily). As the result of this action, within the porous medium, there are opened the natural cracks, or are created the new cracks, and are cleaned the canals between the pores. The frequency of the impulses, which are generated, is from 7-10 to 500 hertz, the magnitude of the pressure during the fluid hammers is from 25-30 megapascals to the tens of megapascals, the optimal time for the vibratory processing of the boreholes is approximately 1 hour. The vibratory processing of the boreholes is conducted either once or periodically. The vibratory processing of the boreholes, as a rule, is performed with the flushing of the borehole, and with the s ubsequent injection or extraction of the liquid, and also during the continuous injecting of the liquid into the productive layer (through the vibrator). The vibratory processing of the boreholes substantially decreases the pressure of the hydraulic tearing. The vibratory processing of the boreholes has been proposed for the first time within the USSR during the 1957 by S. M. Gadiev, and is used since the 1967 at the productive petroleum fields of the Azerbaijan SSR, Bashkir ASSR, Tatar ASSR, and so on. Abroad, the vibratory processing of the boreholes is not distributed; there are used other methods for the intensification of the processes for the extraction of petroleum.