Vibrational sieve

(Figure) The vibrational sieve

VIBRATIONAL SIEVE (EN: vibrating screen; DE: Schwingsieb, Vibratorsieb; FR: tamis vibrant; ES: vibrotamiz; RU: вибрационное сито) is the apparatus for the purification of the drilling fluid of the drill cuttings and other mechanical admixtures. The major working element of the vibrational sieve is the mesh with the size of the cell of 0.15-5 millimetres, which is oscillating under the action of the electric motor and eccentric shaft with the frequency of 17-35 cycles per second. The drilling fluid arrives into the vibrational sieve through the trough, and, while being distributed as the uniform layer throughout the entire width of the meshes, flows through the cells to the receiving reservoirs, but the solid particles are retained.

The performance of the vibrational sieve is up to 50-90 litres per second. There have obtained the greatest usage the single-tier single-mesh vibrational sieves with the inclined placement of the meshes (see the Figure); for the purification of the expensive drilling fluids (for example, of the weighted drilling fluids), they also use the single-tier vibrational sieves with the increased surface of the mesh, and the double-tier vibrational sieves with the small-cell meshes.