Vibration protection

VIBRATION PROTECTION (EN: vibration protection; DE: Vibrationsschutz; FR: protection contre la vibration; ES: proteccion contra la vibracion; RU: вибрационная защита) is the complex of the activities, which are aimed at the prevention of the adverse impact from the vibration of various equipment onto the workers. The purpose of the vibration protection within the mining production is the elimination of the possibility for the emergence of the vibration disease, the elimination of the excessive fatigue of the workers, and of the decreasing of their working ability. The vibration protection implies: the functioning of the system of the organizational-technical and medical activities, which is ensuring the obligatory compliance with the standards, sanitary norms and rules, which are regulating the acceptable levels of the vibrations, which are acting onto the person; the corresponding monitoring.

The limiting of the level of the vibration of the mining machines and equipment within the source of its forming, and along the path of the transfer of the vibration to the work place, is performed through the selection of the rational kinematic scheme for the machines, and of the optimal ratio of the masses within the mechanisms, through the usage of the spring, hydraulic, pneumatic, and rubber shock absorbers, gaskets, vibration-absorbing coatings, and so on.

For the individual protection of the workers against the vibration, they use the vibration-protected gloves, and shoes, the vibration-protected handles for the hand-held tools, they isolate against the vibration the work places (for example, the work platforms, and so on). The rational modes and techniques of the work, the preliminary and periodic medical examinations, and also the therapeutic-prophylactic activities, assist the prevention of the diseases, and the preservation of the work ability. The promising direction for the vibration protection at the mining enterprises is the introduction of the technological processes, and also of the systems for the automatic and remote control.