Verkhovsky, Ilya Moiseevich

(Figure) VERKHOVSKY, Ilya Moiseevich

VERKHOVSKY, Ilya Moiseevich (RU: Верховский, Илья Моисеевич) is the Soviet scientist in the field of the mining science, the doctor of the technical sciences (1947). During the 1917, he has graduated from the Royal Mining School within the United Kingdom. Since the 1931, he was the professor of the Moscow Mining Institute, and during the 1963-66, he worked at the Institute of the Combustible Fossils. He has created the scientific school of thought on the gravity methods for beneficiation, he has organized the first radiometric laboratory within the USSR, where were developed the new methods for the researches in the field of beneficiation, he has laid down the scientific foundations for the designing of the coal preparation plants. He has been awarded with the Governmental Prize of the USSR (1952) for the creation and introduction of the new machines for classification and dewatering of coals.