Ventilatory gateway

VENTILATORY GATEWAY (EN: air lock; DE: Wetterschleuse; FR: sas d'aerage; ES: esclusa de aire; RU: вентиляционный шлюз) is the built structure, which is preventing the interaction of the air streams within the underground mine workings or within the pithead buildings during the movement of the transport or people from the place with one air stream into the place with another air stream. The ventilatory gateway is the ventilatory doors, which are placed sequentially. The doors of the gateway within the horizontal and inclined underground mine workings are constructed within the bulkheads (which are made of the brick, concrete, or wooden logs); within the vertical underground mine workings (within the exploratory shafts, winzes, and so on), the gateway represents by itself the shelves with the shutters. Within the pithead buildings, which are hermetically sealed, the walls and ceilings of the gateway belong to the structure of the building. Within the horizontal and inclined mine workings, the doors are hung on the hinges, while within the pithead buildings, the doors are also installed within the special guides, which permit the doors to rise along the vertical plane; they construct the doors of the gateways, which are serving only for the passage of the people, to be of the rotating type, while they construct the doors for the movement of the transport with the automatic mechanical mover (pneumatic or electric) and with the blocking, which is excluding the simultaneous opening of the both doors. The distance between these doors is such, that during the opening of one door, another door remains closed; within the transport mine workings, this distance mu st be more, than the length of the train with the minecarts.