Ventilatory door

(Figure # 1) The automatic ventilatory door

VENTILATORY DOOR (EN: air door; DE: Wettertur; FR: porte d'aerage; ES: puerta de ventilacion; RU: вентиляционная дверь) is the door within the ventilatory bulkhead, which is purposed for the complete or partial insulation of the ventilatory stream within the mine workings, through which there proceeds the movement of the people or transport. For the decreasing of the leakages of the air, it is recommended to install sequentially at least two doors (in this case, they form the ventilatory gateway). They place the doors within the stone, concrete, or wooden bulkheads. For the self-closure of the doors, they install the door frame with the inclination of approximately 80 degrees, or use the counterweights, springs, and so on. The mine workings with the intensive movement of the transport are supplied with the automatically opening doors (see the Figure # 1). For the regulation of the distribution of the air within the system of the mine workings, they install into these mine workings the ventilatory doors with window and shutter (see the Figure # 2). The ventilatory doors may be of the single and double types, and may be made of wood and metal.

(Figure # 2) The ventilatory door with window

They construct the wooden doors of the one row of boards with the thickness of 40 millimetres, or of the two rows of boards with the thickness of 20-25 millimetres. They manufacture the metallic doors in the form of the frame, which is made of the steel wit h the angle or stripe profile, with the plane, which is made of the sheet steel with the thickness of 3-4 millimetres, which is welded onto the frame.