Vassoevich, Nikolay Bronislavovich

VASSOEVICH, Nikolay Bronislavovich

VASSOEVICH, Nikolay Bronislavovich (RU: Вассоевич, Николай Брониславович) is the Soviet geologist, the corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1970). Vassoevich has graduated from the (RU: ЛГИ, Ленинградский Горный Институт) Leningrad Mining Institute (1924). During the 1940-63, Vassoevich worked at the All-Union Petroleum Scientific-Researching Geological-Exploratory Institute on the problem of the genesis of petroleum at the Caucasus mountains and on the Sakhalin island. During the 1963-81, Vassoevich was the administrator of the Cathedra for the Geology and Geochemistry of the Combustible Minerals within the (RU: МГУ, Московский Государственный Университет) Moscow State Univercity. Vassoevich has developed the methodology for the studying of the flysch depositions and molasse conglomerates. Vassoevich has advanced the ideas about the main zone and main phase of the petroleum forming, and these ideas have allowed to substantiate the modern theory for the petroleum forming, which has been named by Vassoevich as sedimentary-migratory. Vassoevich has substantiated the separation of the scientific direction, namely, of the organic geochemistry. Vassoevich dealt with the development of the conceptual-terminological issues in the field of geology.