VARIOLES (from the late Latin word "variola", which means the pustule, vesicle, smallpox * EN: varioles; DE: Variolen; FR: varioles; ES: variolas; RU: вариоли) are the spherulitic mineral formations, with the sizes from the millet seed to the pea seed, which protrude from the aphanitic basaltic rocks (variolites) on the weathered surface in the form of the pockmarks, which are having the radially-fibrous or thinly branched structure. Varioles are formed by the fibres of plagioclase, or by the thin intergrowth of the two or more minerals (plagioclase, augite, and others). They believe, that varioles are the product of the spherulitic crystallization of the homogeneous melt. The term is used only for the basic rocks.