VANADINITE (EN: vanadinite; DE: Vanadinit; FR: vanadinite; ES: vanadinita; RU: ванадинит) is the mineral of the class of vanadates, Pb5[Cl/(VO4)3]. The impurities are Ca, R, As. Vanadinite crystallizes itself into the hexagonal crystal system. Vanadinite may be found in the form of the small prismatic crystals, nodular clusters, and earthy masses, of the yellow, brown, and red colours. The cleavage is absent. The hardness is 2.73-3 according to the mineralogical scale. The density is 6500-7100 kilograms per cubic metre. Vanadinite easily dissolves itself within the nitric acid, and is colouring the solution into the the yellow colour. Vanadinite forms itself within the oxidation zone of the deposits, the ores of which contain galena. Vanadinite within the large clusters is the vanadium ore (the Berg Aukas deposit, Namibia).