Valkumeyskoe deposit

VALKUMEYSKOE TIN ORES DEPOSIT (RU: Валькумейское месторождение оловорудное) is situated at the north-east of the USSR, within the southern part of the Pevek peninsula, Chukotka autonomous district. The numerous veinous ore bodies of the deposit are localized mainly within the endocontact zone of the intrusive of the Upper Cretaceous granitoids, which is breaching the sandy-clayish strata of the Lower Cretaceous. The mineralization is represented by the low-sulfide ores of the quartz-tourmaline-cassiterite type. Within the certain places, there may be found the clusters of the sulfides (arsenopyrite, lesser pyrite, chalcopyrite, pyrrhotite, sphalerite, antimonite, and others), the quantity of which does not exceed 5% of the entire veinous mass. The deposit is being developed using the underground method, with the overhead stoping system for the development, with the shrinkage of the ore. The ore arrives into the Valkumeysky mining-beneficiation plant, where there is used the combined flotation-gravity scheme for the beneficiation of the ores, with the obtainment of the tin concentrate, which is containing 23% of Sn.