"VAKHRUSHEVUGOL" (RU: "Вахрушевуголь") is the productive consortium for the extraction of coal of the Ministry for the Coal Industry of the USSR within the Sverdlovsk province of the Russian Federation. "Vakhrushevugol" is situated within the Karpinsk (the administrative centre) and Volchansk cities, and within the Bulanash settlement. "Vakhrushevugol" has been formed during the 1974; it includes 3 open pit coal mines, mining administration, construction administration, and so on. The opencast works are conducted at the Bogoslovskoe (since the 1911) and Volchanskoe (since the 1944) deposits, the underground extraction (since the 1872) is conducted at the Bulanashskoe deposit. The share for the extraction of coal is 90% at the open pit mines, and 10% at the underground mines. The coals, which are being extracted, of the Bogoslovskoe and Volchanskoe deposits, are of the humus type, brown, of the B2 group, with quite high degree of coalification, with high water absorption ability, and are prone to the spontaneous ignition. The Bulanashskoe deposit is characterized by the existence of the tectonic disturbances, by the complicated hypsometry and structure of the coal layers, by the water flooding, by the gas bearing property, and by the existence of the heaving rocks. The coals are of the G6 group; the thickness of the layers is from 0.9 to 2.5 metres, the angle of the dip is from 0 to 90 degrees.

The scheme of the "Vakhrushevugol" open pit mine

There are being developed by the open pit mines five layers with the total thickness of 27 metres, with the angles of the dip from 8 to 70 degrees. The maximal depth of the development is 200 metres. The unsealing is performed by the grouped trenches with the internal and external embedment. The system for the development is with the transportation of the waste rocks (see the Figure). The trenches, which are unsealing the coal horizons, are equipped with the belt conveyors, the transport for the coal to the coal preparation plants and installations is also of the conveyor type. The total length of the conveyor lines is 21 thousand metres. "Vakhrushevugol" has been awarded with the Order of the Red Banner of the Labour (1966).