Vakhrushev, Vasiliy Vasilievich

VAKHRUSHEV, Vasiliy Vasilievich

VAKHRUSHEV, Vasiliy Vasilievich (RU: Вахрушев, Василий Васильевич) is the Soviet party and governmental worker, the organizer of the coal industry within the USSR, the Hero of the Socialistic Labour (1943). Vakhrushev is the member of the CPSU since the 1919. Vakhrushev was the deputy at the Supreme Council of the USSR during the 1937-47. After the Civil War of the 1918-20, Vakhrushev worked at the party and national economy job, was the director for the series of the industrial enterprises and organizations (the Kosogorskiy Metallurgical Plant, Kashirskaya GRES, Mosenergo, and others). Vakhrushev was the People's Commissar for the local industry of the Russian Federation (1937), the Vice Chairman (1938) and later the Chairman for the Council of the People's Commissars of the Russian Federation. Since the 1939, Vakhrushev was the People's Commissar, and since the 1946, the Minister for the Coal Industry of the USSR. During the Great Patriotic War of 1941-45, Vakhrushev headed the work for the growing of the coal extraction at the Ural mountains, within the Kuzbass, and within the Karaganda basin. During the after-war years, Vakhrushev directed the restoration of the coal enterprises and industrial plants within the Moscow regional basin, and within the Donbass. At the 18th Party Congress (1939), Vakhrushev has been elected as the member of the CPSU Central Committee. There have been named after Vakhrushev the Vakhrushevo city (the Voroshilovgrad province of the Ukrainian SSR), and the Vakhrushev settlement of the urban type (the Sakhalin province of the Russian Federation), the "Vakhrushevugol" productive consortium for the extraction of coal (the Sverdlovsk province of the Russian Federation). The name of Vakhrushev has been assigned to the Sverdlovsk Mining Institute, and to the series of the coal enterprises within the USSR.