Vacuuming of the boreholes

VACUUMING OF THE BOREHOLES (EN: evacuation hole; DE: Bohrlochvakuumierung; FR: vidange des trous de forage, vidange d'evacuation; ES: evacuacion de los agujeros; RU: вакуумирование скважин) is the method for the increasing of the yield from the hydrological boreholes within the rocks with the bad filtration properties, at the expense of the creation of the vacuum within these boreholes. The vacuuming of the boreholes is performed by the connection of the driving and rising (less often of the dewatering and horizontal) drainage boreholes to the vacuuming manifold, within which the vacuum is maintained by the vacuuming installation. For the driving and rising vacuum boreholes, the greatest drainage effect is achieved in case of their combining with the aerating boreholes, through which the air arrives into the rocks, which are situated above the depressive surface of the underground waters. The vacuuming of the boreholes increases their yield by approximately 2.5 times.