Vacuum filter

Vacuum filters

VACUUM FILTER (EN: vacuum filter; DE: Vakuumfilter; FR: filtre à vide; ES: filtro de vacio; RU: вакуум-фильтр) is the apparatus for the separation of the solid particles from the suspension, the action of which is based on the creation of the decreased pressure under the filtering porous bulkhead, as the result of which action, there proceeds the suction of the liquid. The decreased pressure is created with the help of the vacuum pump. They distinguish the vacuum filters with the periodic action (of the sheet type, of the cartridge type, of the nutsche type), and with the continuous action (of the drum type with the external and internal filtering surface, of the disk type, of the ribbon type, of the disc type, which are the so-named plane-filters, and so on). Within the mining-extracting industry, the vacuum filters are used for the dewatering of the flotation concentrates, which are obtained during the beneficiation of the useful minerals. There are most distributed the vacuum filters with the continuous action.