Letter "V"

Varentsov, Mikhail Ivanovich

VARENTSOV, Mikhail Ivanovich is the Soviet geologist, the corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1953).


VANADINITE is the mineral of the class of vanadates, Pb5[Cl/(VO4)3]. The impurities are Ca, R, As. Vanadinite crystallizes itself into the hexagonal crystal system.


VANADIUM (Vanadium), V, is the chemical element of the group V of the Periodic System by Dmitri Mendeleev, the atomic number is 23, the atomic mass is 50.94.

Vanadium ores

VANADIUM ORES are the natural mineral formations, which are containing vanadium in such quantities, for which there is economically feasible the extraction of the vanadium.

Valkumeyskoe deposit

VALKUMEYSKOE TIN ORES DEPOSIT is situated at the north-east of the USSR, within the southern part of the Pevek peninsula, Chukotka autonomous district.

Vacuum filter

VACUUM FILTER is the apparatus for the separation of the solid particles from the suspension, the action of which is based on the creation of the decreased pressure under the filtering porous bulkhead, as the result of which action...

Vacuuming of the boreholes

VACUUMING OF THE BOREHOLES is the method for the increasing of the yield from the hydrological boreholes within the rocks with the bad filtration properties, at the expense of the creation of the vacuum within these boreholes.


VIBURNUM is the unique, according to the reserves of lead and zinc, ore region within the south-eastern part of the Missouri state (USA). The region has been discovered during the 1953, and is being developed since the 1964.


VAR is the ore region within the Var department, France. Var includes more than ten deposits with the bauxites of the sedimentary type. The main deposits are Peygros and Mazaugues.

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