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VOLCANOES are the geological formations, which emerge above the channels and cracks within the Earth's crust, through which the lavas, hot gases, and debris of the rock are erupted from the deep magmatic sources onto the Earth's surface.


VOLCANOLOGY is the science, which is studying the processes and causes of the forming of the volcanoes.

Volcanoclastic rocks

VOLCANOCLASTIC ROCKS are the rocks, which are representing by themselves the mixture of the clumps and debris (from the very large sizes to the smallest sizes) of the loose, compacted...

Volcanogenic-sedimentary rocks

VOLCANOGENIC-SEDIMENTARY ROCKS are the rocks, which are consisting of the volcanic and sedimentary material. These rocks are sub-divided into volcanogenic-clastic and chemogenic.

Volcanogenic-sedimentary deposits

VOLCANOGENIC-SEDIMENTARY DEPOSITS are the depositions of the useful minerals, which have been formed as the result of the inflow, into the basins of the ancient and modern seas and oceans...

Volcanic glass

VOLCANIC GLASS is the amorphous volcanic rock, or the part of this rock, which is formed during the rapid (without the crystallization) congealing of the lava.

Volcanic tuff

VOLCANIC TUFF, see the "Tuff of the volcanic type" article.

Volcanic ash

VOLCANIC ASH is the pyroclastic material (tephra) with the size of the particles of less than 2 millimetres, which is formed as the result of the crushing, by the volcanic explosions, of the liquid lava...

Volcanic rocks

VOLCANIC ROCKS are the rocks, which are formed as the result of the volcanic eruptions.

Volcanic gases

VOLCANIC GASES are the gases, which are released during and after the eruption from the crater, from the cracks, which are situated on the slopes of the volcanoes, from the lava flows and pyroclastic rocks.

Volcanic bomb

VOLCANIC BOMB is the congealed lump of the lava, which has been ejected in the liquid state from the crater of the volcano during the eruption.

Vuktyl field

VUKTYL GAS CONDENSATE FIELD is situated at the distance of 160 kilometres to the east of the Ukhta city; the field belongs to the Timan-Pechora petroliferous province.


"VOSTSIBUGOL" is the productive consortium of the Ministry of the Coal Industry of the USSR for the extraction of the coal, within the Irkutsk and Chita provinces of the Russian Federation, and within the Buryat ASSR.


"VOSTOK-2" is the deposit of the tungsten ores within the Primorsky territory of the Russian Federation. The deposit has been discovered during the 1961, and has been explored during the 1962-65. The deposit is being developed by the Primorsky mining-beneficiation combined enterprise.

Voskoboynikov, Nikolay Ivanovich

VOSKOBOYNIKOV, Nikolay Ivanovich (the 1803 - after the 1846) is the Russian mining engineer. After the graduation during the 1823 from the Mining Cadet Corps within the Saint Petersburg city, he worked at the Georgian mining expedition...


"VOROSHILOVGRADUGOL" is the productive consortium of the Ministry of the Coal Industry of the Ukraininan SSR for the extraction of the coal within the Lutugino, Perevalsk, and Slavyanoserbsk districts of the Voroshilovgrad province.

Vlasov, Kuzma Alekseevich

VLASOV, Kuzma Alekseevich is the Soviet geochemist, the corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1953). Vlasov is the member of the CPSU since the 1939.

Vlasov, Ivan Evstafievich

VLASOV, Ivan Evstafievich (1628-1710) was the voyevoda (military leader) of the Irkutsk city (since the 1680), and of the Nerchinsk city (since the 1684).


VITROPHYRE is the collective name for the effused glassy rocks. Usually vitrophyre is the quartz porphyry, or the orthoclase porphyry, with the glassy (so-called vitrophyric) major mass.

Vitrinite group

VITRINITE GROUP is the group of the microcomponents of the fossil coals, which is including the collinite and telinite (according to the GOST 9414-60 Soviet standard, and according to the Stopes-Heerlen system, 1935).


VITRAIN is one of the main constituent parts of the fossil coals, which is having the strong lustre, the conchoidal and semi-conchoidal fracture, or the smoothed fracture.


VISCOMETER is the instrument for the determination of the viscosity of the gases and liquids. Within the petroleum industry, the viscometer is used for the determination of the viscosity of the drilling and tamping fluids, of the petroleums, and of the petroleum products.

Virnovsky, Anatoly Semenovich

VIRNOVSKY, Anatoly Semenovich is the Soviet scientist in the field of the mining science, the doctor of the technical sciences (1954), the professor (1956).

Vinogradov, Ivan Nikolaevich

VINOGRADOV, IVAN NIKOLAEVICH is the Soviet miner. Vinogradov is the member of the CPSU since the 1959.

Vinogradov, Aleksandr Pavlovich

VINOGRADOV, Aleksandr Pavlovich is the Soviet geochemist, the academician of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR (since the 1953; the corresponding member since the 1943), twice Hero of the Socialistic Labour (1949, 1975).


VIVIANITE is the mineral of the class of phosphates, Fe3[PO4]2•8H2O. Vivianite contains 43% of the FeO, and approximately 28% of the P2O5.

Vibratory processing of boreholes

VIBRATORY PROCESSING OF BOREHOLES is the method for the increasing of the permeability of the rocks within the bottomhole zone of the operating and injecting boreholes with the help of the hydraulic vibrators.

Vibratory tube concentrator

VIBRATORY TUBE CONCENTRATOR is the apparatus for the gravitational beneficiation of the sands from the placer deposits with the particle size of - 3 + 0.074 millimetres.

Vibration damper

VIBRATION DAMPER is the device, which is decreasing the magnitude and amplitude of the mechanical oscillations of the drill string, and of the hydraulic impulses of the pressure of the liquid inside the pipes, during the drilling of the boreholes.

Vibroacoustic safety

VIBROACOUSTIC SAFETY is the prevention of the harmful impact of the vibration and noise of the machines and mechanisms onto the working persons.

Vibratory sluice

VIBRATORY SLUICE is the apparatus for the separation of the mineral grains according to the density within the stream of the liquid, which is flowing on the oscillating inclined plane.

Vibratory feeder

VIBRATORY FEEDER is the installation for the transloading and classification of the mining mass within the transshipment complexes at the open-pit mines in case of the flowing and cyclic-flowing technologies.

Vibratory conveyor

VIBRATORY CONVEYOR is the type of the conveyor, the principle of the action of which is based on the oscillatory motion of the working load-carrying tool.

Vibrational screen

VIBRATIONAL SCREEN is the machine with the vibrational mover, which is purposed for the sorting (screening) of the loose materials, using the method of the sifting of these materials through the sieves (or through the grates).

Vibrational sieve

VIBRATIONAL SIEVE is the apparatus for the purification of the drilling fluid of the drill cuttings and other mechanical admixtures.

Vibrational pumping installation

VIBRATIONAL PUMPING INSTALLATION moves the liquids on the account of the mechanical oscillations of the working tool-vibrator and (or) of the products, which are transported.

Vibration protection

VIBRATION PROTECTION is the complex of the activities, which are aimed at the prevention of the adverse impact from the vibration of various equipment onto the workers.

Vibration disease

VIBRATION DISEASE is the occupational disease, which is determined by the prolonged impact of the vibrations; this desease is caused by the local vibration, which is impacting the limited place of the body (for example, during the work with the hand-held pneumatic and electric hammers)...

Verkhoyansk-Chukotka folded region

VERKHOYANSK-CHUKOTKA FOLDED REGION is the region of the Mesozoic folding at the junction between the Pacific ocean geosynclinal belt and the Arctic geosynclinal belt.

Verkhovsky, Ilya Moiseevich

VERKHOVSKY, Ilya Moiseevich is the Soviet scientist in the field of the mining science, the doctor of the technical sciences (1947). During the 1917, he has graduated from the Royal Mining School within the United Kingdom.

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