Upper Dnieper Mining-Metallurgical Combined Enterprise

UPPER DNIEPER MINING-METALLURGICAL COMBINED ENTERPRISE (RU: Верхнеднепровский горно-металлургический комбинат) is the enterprise for the extraction and beneficiation of the ilmenite ores within the Ukrainian SSR. The enterprise has been introduced into the operation during the 1961 on the basis of the deposit with the ilmenite-containing sands, which has been discovered and explored during the 1955-58. The enterprise includes the open-pit mine, beneficiation plant, and so on. The deposit is represented by the entombed coastal-marine placers within the zone of the junction between the Ukrainian crystalline shield and the Dnieper-Donets depression. The depositions are of the Neogene age, sub-horizontal, with the sub-latitudinal strike. The depositions are embedded at the depth from 1-10 to 40-50 metres. The sands are quartzous, with the admixture of the clayish minerals, and also of the ilmenite, rutile, leucoxene, kyanite, sillimanite, staurolite, tourmaline, chromite, and so on. The deposit is being developed using the open-pit mine with the depth of approximately 70 metres. The major mining-transporting equipment is: for the stripping of the overburden, the bucket wheel excavators, power shovels, and heavy-load automotive dump trucks; for the forming of the dumps with the waste rocks, the bulldozers, and waste dumping stackers; for the excavation of the useful minerals, the power shovels, and multi-bucket chain excavator. The delivery of the sands into the beneficiation plant is performed using the conveyor. The beneficiation of the ore is gravitational (the bulk concentrate), with the subsequent electric and magnetic separation. The usage of the useful minerals is comprehensive; the tailings (quartzous sands) are used as the molding, and glass raw material, and as the building material.