Unconfined waters, non-pressurized waters

UNCONFINED WATERS, NON-PRESSURIZED WATERS (EN: free water, gravity water, gravitational water; DE: druckloses Wasser; FR: eaux sans charge; ES: aguas de escorrentia; RU: безнапорные воды) are the underground waters, which are having the free surface (the pressure onto which is equal to the atmospheric one), and also the waters within the ground surface water flows and water bodies, within the pipes in case of their incomplete filling. The underground non-pressurized waters are located within the water permeable layer, which is the first from the surface, forming the ground waters, vadose waters, or incompletely saturate the deep-laying water-permeable layer. The motion of the non-pressurized waters within the rocks proceeds under the impact of the force of gravity along the direction of the slope. The level of the non-pressurized waters within the underground workings, unlike that of the pressurized waters, establishes itself at the depth of their appearance without pumping. During the conducting of the mining works, the non-pressurized waters decrease the stability of the edges of the open pit mines at the benches.