"Ugolnaya" Bay deposit

"UGOLNAYA" BAY DEPOSIT OF COAL (RU: бухты "Угольной" месторождение угля) is situated within the Magadan province of the Russian Federation, on the coast of the "Ugolnaya" Bay of the Bering sea. The area of the deposit is 465 square kilometres, the area of the part, which has been studied in the detailed manner (the "Osnovnoy" and "Sovkhoznyj" places) is 17 square kilometres. The explored (to the depth of 360 metres) reserves are 58 million tonnes, the preliminarily evaluated (on the remaining area of the deposit) reserves are 471 million tonnes. The deposit is known since the 1886. The deposit is being developed since the 1940, initially using the small underground mines, and since the 1965, by the "Beringovskaya" underground mine. The coal-bearing depositions of the Upper Cretaceous (the Koryak stratigraphic suite), and Paleogene (the Chukchi stratigraphic suite), have the thickness of 470 metres, contain up to 13 coal layers, 5 of them have the working thickness.

The object of the development is the 3 adjacent layers within the middle horizon of the Chukchi stratigraphic suite. The maximal thickness of the layers is 4-6 metres, the prevalent thickness is 1-2 metres. The coal-bearing deposits form the slightly inclined brachysyncline, which has been disrupted by the numerous ruptures, with the forming of the small-block structure. The coals are mineral, of the G mark. Ad is 17%, Std is 1.6%, Qsdaf is 34.3-34.7 megajoules per kilogram, Qir is 24.2 megajoules per kilogram. The development of the coal is conducted using the underground method (by the underground mine with the depth of up to 70 metres) within the zone of the permafrost, the thickness of which varies from 65 to 120 (90 on average) metres, partly within the talik (thawed) zone. The underground mine has been conventionally categorized into the II category because of the gas (methane) danger (see the "Gas regime" article). The annual extraction of the coal is 600 thousand tonnes (1980). The coal is used at the CHP (combined heat and electrical power plant), and by the industrial enterprises within the region.