Letter "U"

United Kingdom

UNITED KINGDOM, is the country within the Western Europe, on the British Isles.

Unsealing of deposit

UNSEALING OF DEPOSIT is the conducting of the mine workings (trenches, underground mine shafts, drilled boreholes, and others), which are opening the access from the surface to the depositions of the useful minerals within the Earth's bowels.

Upper mantle

UPPER MANTLE is the geosphere, which is situated between the Earth's crust and the lower mantle of the Earth.

Upper waters

UPPER WATERS are the waters, which are confined to the aquifers, which are embedded above the productive petroleum-and-gas-bearing layers.

Upper Silesian Mineral Coal Basin

UPPER SILESIAN MINERAL COAL BASIN is the large coal basin within Poland. This basin is situated within the Katowice and Krakow provinces, on the Upper Silesian lowland, which is fringed at the north-west by the Sudeten mountains, and at the north-east by the Świętokrzyskie mountains.

Upper Rhine saliferous basin

UPPER RHINE SALIFEROUS BASIN is one of the largest basins of the potassium salts within Europe; the largest part of this basin is situated on the territory of France, and the smaller part is situated within West Germany.

Upper Kayrakty Deposit

UPPER KAYRAKTY DEPOSIT of the tungsten ores is situated within the Dzhezkazgan province of the Kazakh SSR. This deposit has been discovered during the 1945, has been explored during the 1950-59, and has been completely explored during the 1980-82.

Upper Dnieper Mining-Metallurgical Combined Enterprise

UPPER DNIEPER MINING-METALLURGICAL COMBINED ENTERPRISE is the enterprise for the extraction and beneficiation of the ilmenite ores within the Ukrainian SSR.

Upper Amazonian petroleum-gas-bearing basin

UPPER AMAZONIAN PETROLEUM-GAS-BEARING BASIN is situated within the limits of the Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru countries. The area is 575 thousand square kilometres. The first field (Orito) has been discovered during the 1963.

"Ugolnaya" Bay deposit

"UGOLNAYA" BAY DEPOSIT OF COAL is situated within the Magadan province of the Russian Federation, on the coast of the "Ugolnaya" Bay of the Bering sea.

Unconfined waters, non-pressurized waters

UNCONFINED WATERS, NON-PRESSURIZED WATERS are the underground waters, which are having the free surface, and also the waters within the ground surface water flows and water bodies, within the pipes in case of their incomplete filling.


UPWELLING is the uplift of the waters from the depth into the upper layers of the ocean. Upwelling is especially active within the coastal oceanic and marine zones...

Underground dump truck

UNDERGROUND DUMP TRUCK is the load carrying automobile with the self-unloading dump body, which is used for the transportation of the rock mass through the underground workings with the angle of the inclination of up to 10-12 degrees.

Underground hopper

UNDERGROUND HOPPER is the underground mine working for the accumulation (short-duration storage) of the useful mineral or rock; the hopper situates near the shaft of the underground mine, and ensures the steady work of the skip hoisting.