Tower headframe

The tower headframes, which have been made of the monolithic reinforced concrete

TOWER HEADFRAME (EN: tower head-frame, head-gear; DE: Forderturm; FR: tour de chevalement; ES: castillete de forre de extraccion; RU: башенный копер) is the permanent built structure, which is erected above the collar of the shaft of the deep (typically more than 500 metres) underground mine.

The tower headframe is purposed for the placement of the lifting machine, electrical and other equipment, which is providing the movement of the lifting conveyances (cages and skips) within the shaft. They erect the tower headframe of the monolithic reinforced concrete, assembled reinforced concrete, metallic, and assorted building constructions. Within the USSR, there are most prevalent the monolithic reinforced concrete tower headframes (Figure # 1), which are erected with the help of the mobile formwork.

Since the 70-ies, there are also widely used the tower headframes, which are made of the metallic frame and hinged fencing constructions (Figure # 2), which permit to completely combine within time the erection of the tower headframe and the sinking of the shaft.

The assembly of the tower headframe

They assemble the metallic frame of the headframe on the special assembly site, and then, during the least time (5-6 hours), they slide this frame onto the collar of the shaft. The height of the tower headframe is usually 80-110 metres, the mass is 3-6 thousand tonnes.

For the acceleration of the construction of the mine, the tower headframes are often used for the sinking of the shafts. For this purpose, they make within the walls and ceilings of the headframe the additional holes, through which they pass the ropes of the sinking winches, and of the temporary lifting machines. They place within the lower part of the tower headframe the sinking equipment, discharging machine, zero frame, mechanisms for the opening of the dump doors, devices for the receiving of concrete, and so on. In certain cases, there are used the multi-rope lifting machines, which are rebuilt for the time of the construction of the mine into the single-end sinking ones.