Tectonic blocks

TECTONIC BLOCKS (EN: tectonic blocks; DE: tektonische Blocke; FR: bloks tectoniques; ES: bloques tectonicos; RU: блоки тектонические) are the places of the Earth's crust, which are bounded by the faults. In the projection onto the horizontal plane, the tectonic blocks are polygonal isometric or elongated. The sizes are from hundreds square metres to millions square kilometres. The small tectonic blocks are distinguished within the ore and mine fields, and during the selection of the places for construction. The large tectonic blocks, namely, the blocks of the lithosphere, distinguish themselves by the character of the tectonic regime, and by the specificity of the history of development. They experience one relative to another both vertical and horizontal displacements, the latter ones can reach several hundreds or thousands of kilometres, the first ones can reach tens of kilometres. There also differs the character of the faults, which are bounding the tectonic blocks, from the dip-slip faults of the shallow embedment to the deep faults.