Letter "T"

Temporary disability

TEMPORARY DISABILITY is, according to the Soviet legislation, the temporary loss of the ability for the performance of the job duties (till the recovery of this ability, or till the determination of the disability).

Temporary lining

TEMPORARY LINING is the mining lining within the capital and preparatory underground mine workings, which is installed within their stope part during the period of the penetration.


TEDDING is the technological operation, which is including the overturning of the milled peat crumbs, which are located within the thin layer, for the acceleration of their drying.

Tungsten ores

TUNGSTEN ORES are the natural mineral formations, which are containing tungsten within such compounds and concentrations, with which their industrial usage is technically possible and economically expedient.

Tungsten industry

TUNGSTEN INDUSTRY is the branch of the non-ferrous metallurgy, which is unifying the enterprises for the extraction and processing of the tungsten ores, and for the obtainment of tungsten.


TUNGSTEN, W (Latin: Wolframium) is the chemical element of the group VI of the periodic system of Mendeleev, the atomic number is 74, the atomic mass is 183.85.

Tectonic blocks

TECTONIC BLOCKS are the places of the Earth's crust, which are bounded by the faults. In the projection onto the horizontal plane, the tectonic blocks are polygonal isometric or elongated.


TURQUOISE (from the Persian word "firuza"), callaite, is the mineral of the class of phosphates, CuAl6[PO4]4(OH)8 • 5H2O.

Transportless system of development

TRANSPORTLESS SYSTEM OF DEVELOPMENT is the method for the conducting of the open pit mining works, during which the overburden rocks are being moved by excavators into the internal dump for the waste rocks.

Trestle-less hydraulic filling

TRESTLE-LESS HYDRAULIC FILLING is the method for the hydraulic filling of the rock at the storage depots, within the hydraulic waste dumps and tailing storage facilities...

Tower excavator

TOWER EXCAVATOR, cable excavator is the single-bucket installation for the excavation and transportation of the useful minerals and overburden rocks along the direction, which is perpendicular to its movement.

Tower headframe

TOWER HEADFRAME is the permanent built structure, which is erected above the collar of the shaft of the deep (typically more than 500 metres) underground mine.

Tumbling drum mill

TUMBLING DRUM MILL is the machine for the grinding of the useful minerals and other materials, which is representing by itself the rotating cylinder (drum), which is loaded with the grinding bodies.

Tectonomagmatic activation

TECTONOMAGMATIC ACTIVATION is the process of the increase of the intensity of the tectonic movements and magmatism, usually manifesting itself after the period of the relative tectonic quiescence.