Swamp-traversing machine

SWAMP-TRAVERSING MACHINE, swamp-and-snow-traversing machine (EN: swamp-passenger, swamp-vehicle; DE: sumpfgangiges Fahrzeug; FR: vehicule pour marais, transport pour la neige et le marais; ES: transporte para zonas pantanosas; RU: болотоход) is the transport-technological machine for the transportation of people, loads, and equipment over the soils with the low bearing capability, and also for the performance of the loading-unloading, construction, and other works on these soils. The swamp-traversing machines, which are possessing buoyancy, are used for the traversing water obstacles.

The swamp-traversing machines provide the movement with the low specific pressure onto the ground (less than 3•10^4 pascals). They install onto the swamp-traversing machines the wheeled, tracked, helical, and other movers. The wheeled mover has wide wheels of large diameter with elastic tires of low pressure. They construct the movers of the tracked type with light and wide track. They use the hovercraft swamp-traversing machines on the aerial cushion.