Shaft-sinking bucket

SHAFT-SINKING BUCKET (EN: sinking bucket, shaft bucket; DE: Abteufkubel, Abteufforderkubel; FR: cuffat de foncage; ES: cuba de profundizacion de pozos; RU: бадья проходческая) is designed for the hoisting of the rock, for the descent and ascent of the people, materials, equipment, for the inspection of the lining and so on during the construction and deepening of the vertical mine workings.

The shaft-sinking bucket comprises the body of the cylindrical shape (the sheet steel with the thickness of 8-12 millimetres), and the handle with the diameter of 50-60 millimetres. The latter is connected to the body of the bucket by the hinges. They distinguish two types of the shaft-sinking buckets, namely, the self-tumbling ones, and the not self-tumbling ones. There belong to the set of the self-tumbling shaft-sinking bucket also the guiding frame, funnel, and the dump doors with eccentric brackets (they are installed on the top receiving place). During the lowering of the shaft-sinking bucket onto the brackets of the dump doors, it tumbles, the rock pours down, and arrives through the trough into the open-box bed of the automobile. The usage of the self-tumbling shaft-sinking buckets decreases the time of the cycle for the lifting, excludes the manual labour during the tumbling of the vessel. The shaft-sinking buckets of the second type are tumbled with the help of the hook, which is suspended from the rope. For the exclusion of the swinging of the shaft-sinking bucket during the movement within the shaft, it is placed within the special frame, which moves along the guiding ropes.

Within the USSR, the speed of the movement of the shaft-sinking bucket is regulated by the safety rules; its maximum value during the ascent and descent of the people is 8 metres per second, of the materials and equipment is 12 metres per second (the movement along the guiding ropes). The shaft-sinking buckets are typed according to the volume capacity: the self-tumbling ones are 1; 1.5; 2; 2.5; 3; 4; 5; 5.5; 6.5 cubic metres; the not self-tumbling ones are 0.75; 1 cubic metres.