Rocker box

ROCKER BOX (EN: gold washer, cradle; DE: Waschherd; FR: table à balais, table à brosses; ES: mesa sacudidora; RU: вашгерд) is the washing device in the form of the inclined table with the lateral boards; the rocker box is used for the finishing of the concentrates, and for the washing of the sands, which are containing the precious metals. They craft the rocker box of the smoothly planed wooden boards with the thickness of 30-40 millimetres. Sometimes they cover the working surface of the rocker box with linoleum. Depending on the purpose of the rocker box, they install it with the inclination from 0.01 to 0.04. At the head part of the device, there are situated two wooden partitions for the distribution of the water as the thin layer onto the inclined surface.

The beneficiation on the rocker box proceeds because of the delamination of the source material into the heavy concentrate (within the lower layer) and lightweight tailings (within the upper layer). The material is advanced onto the rocker box as the portions with the mass from 5 to 50 kilograms. The finishing on the rocker box is performed manually, using the method of the scraping of the material by the scraper onto the inclined surface toward the moving stream of the water. In case of the high qualification of the finishing worker, the extraction is 96-98%. There usually service the rocker box 1-2 persons.