Letter "R"

Rotational-percussive drilling

ROTATIONAL-PERCUSSIVE DRILLING is the process of the breaking of the rock during the drilling of the blastholes and boreholes, using the permanently rotating drilling tool, which is pressed into the stope with the great axial thrust...

Rotational drilling

ROTATIONAL DRILLING is the method for the construction of the boreholes, using the destruction of the rock on the account of the rotation of the rock-breaking tool (drilling bit, drilling crown), which is pressed into the bottomhole.

Rising mine working

RISING MINE WORKING is the vertical or steeply inclined mine working, which does not have the immediate exit onto the Earth's surface, and which is serving for the bypassing of the useful minerals or waste rock...

Reduceness of coals

REDUCENESS OF COALS is the difference of the chemical, physical, and sintering properties of the coals with the equal degree of the coalification and petrographic composition, which are caused by the character of the original vegetation, and by the conditions of its transformation during the starting stages of the coalification.


RECEPTIVITY of the explosive substances is the ability of the explosive substances to the explosive transformation in case of the external impact, namely, shock, heating, ignition, irradiation, and others.

Reverse dip-slip fault

REVERSE DIP-SLIP FAULT is the displacement of the rock along the fault, which is associated with the rise of one block of the Earth's crust relatively to the other block.

Return of boreholes

RETURN OF BOREHOLES is the conversion of the boreholes for the extraction of the useful minerals (petroleum, gas, and so on) from the certain objects (layers, horizons) to the other objects.

Rocker box

ROCKER BOX is the washing device in the form of the inclined table with the lateral boards; the rocker box is used for the finishing of the concentrates, and for the washing of the sands, which are containing the precious metals.

Roller crusher

ROLLER CRUSHER is the installation for the crushing of the materials (ores, building stone, and so on) by the rollers, which are rotating into the opposite directions, or by the rotating rollers with the stationary jaw.

Railway wagon tippler

RAILWAY WAGON TIPPLER is the built structure for the mechanized unloading of the bulk flowing materials (rock mass, and others) from the railway open wagons, and from the flat wagons...

Railway wagon

RAILWAY WAGON is the transport vehicle for the transportation of the passengers and cargoes along the railways.

Road tunnel

ROAD TUNNEL is used for the traffic of the automobile transport in the mountains (mountain road tunnel), under water (underwater road tunnel), for the regulation of the traffic of the ground transport on the city streets and roads (urban road tunnel).

Recycled water technology

RECYCLED WATER TECHNOLOGY, see within the "Wasteless technology" article.