Polished section

POLISHED SECTION (EN: polished section; DE: Anschliff; FR: section polie; ES: seccion pulida, placa pulimentada; RU: аншлиф) is the lump of mineral, rock, fossil, coal or metal, one or more surfaces of which are ground and polished for microscopic inspection within the reflected light of polarizing microscope.

They also make polished section with mineral fines, which are cemented with shellac, and are cast into the special mold. They cement loose rocks and coals before grinding with resins, rosin, and so on. The inspection is conducted on the special microscopes, in which the polished section is illuminated with the help of the opaque light source through the objective lens. There is well distinguished within the polished section the colour of the mineral, are examined its hardness, electrical conductivity; there is determined anisotropy according to the character of the reflection of the light. There may be conducted on the surface of the polished section the simplest chemical reactions.

With the help of the polished section, they determine minerals and the sequence of their isolation, is examined the structure of the ores.