Paludal depositions

PALUDAL DEPOSITIONS (EN: bog deposits; DE: Sumpfablagerungen; FR: depots paludeens; ES: depositos pantanosos; RU: болотные отложения) are the mineral and organic sediments, which are accumulating themselves within the swamps. Among the paludal sediments, there prevails peat, which is metamorphosing itself over time into the humic fossil coals. Within the peat swamps, which are feeding themselves not only from the atmospheric moisture, but also from the underground waters, there form themselves the small nodules of carbonates, of the ferruginous, phosphatic, and other minerals. There proceeds also the destruction of the ones (chlorite, montmorillonite, hydromica) and the new forming of the others (vermiculite, kaolinite, chlorite-vermiculite) clayish minerals, under the influence of the products from the decay of the peat-forming plants, and from the life activity of the swamp phytocenoses.