Letter "P"

Peat tedder

PEAT TEDDER is the trailed device for the tedding of the milled peat crumbs, which are located within the loose layer. The first peat tedder has been created within the USSR during the 1931-32.


PHENOCRYSTS are the relatively large crystals of the minerals, which are prominent within the mass of the magmatic rocks because of their size and shape.

Paramilitary mining rescue units

PARAMILITARY MINING RESCUE UNITS are the specialized formations, which are created at the mining-extracting enterprises within the USSR for the rescue of the people during the accidents, for the prevention of the accidents, and for the liquidation of the accidents.

Peat windrower

PEAT WINDROWER is the trailed device for the gathering of the dried milled peat from the loose layer into the windrows.

Processing of the stone by the diamond

PROCESSING OF THE STONE BY THE DIAMOND is the process of giving the required shape, size, texture and other properties to the billets and goods, which are made of the natural stone, with the help of the diamond tool.

Method of the activation analysis

METHOD OF THE ACTIVATION ANALYSIS is the qualitative and quantitative determination of the composition of the substance, which is based on the measurement of the energy of the radiation...

PVT bomb

PVT BOMB is the device for the research of the (liquid - gas) phase equilibrium within the complex gas-condensate hydrocarbon systems, and also for the determination of the thermodynamic behaviour of the entire system...

Paludal depositions

PALUDAL DEPOSITIONS are the mineral and organic sediments, which are accumulating themselves within the swamps. Among the paludal sediments, there prevails peat...

Peat bitumens

PEAT BITUMENS are the products, which are extracted from peat by the organic solvents (benzene, gasoline, and others), or by their mixtures; the major components of the peat bitumens are the wax, tars, paraffins.

Pillarless protection of the mine workings

PILLARLESS PROTECTION of the mine workings are the methods for the ensurance of the operational status for the underground mine workings, which are conducted without keeping the protective coal pillars, on the account of the special measures and roof supports.

Polished section

POLISHED SECTION is the lump of mineral, rock, fossil, coal or metal, one or more surfaces of which are ground and polished for microscopic inspection within the reflected light of polarizing microscope.

Peat ammoniation

PEAT AMMONIATION is the saturation of peat with hydrous and anhydrous ammonia, which is determined by the great sorption capability of peat.

Peat auger

PEAT AUGER is the hand tool for the measurement of the total thickness of the peat deposition, of the depth of embedment of the wood inclusions within this peat deposition...

Paper chromatography

PAPER CHROMATOGRAPHY, the chromatography on the paper is the method for the separation and analysis of the mixtures of the substances, which is based on their distribution between the mobile and immobile liquid phases...

Paving stone blocks

PAVING STONE BLOCKS is the road construction product in the form of the blocks of the erupted rocks (granites, basalts, and so on), and also of the molten rocks...