Operation of the gas field without compression

OPERATION OF THE GAS FIELD WITHOUT COMPRESSION (EN: natural exploitation of gas field, gas field exploitation without compressor; DE: verdichterlose Gasforderung, druckloses Gasforderverfahren; FR: exploitation du gisement de gaz sans compresseurs; ES: explotacion natural de un yacimiento de gas sin compresores; RU: бескомпрессорная эксплуатация газового месторождения) is the extraction of the natural gas and the supply of this gas into the trunk gas pipeline on the account of its natural reservoir energy at the initial stage of the development of the field, while the value of the reservoir pressure is sufficiently high (5.5-12 megapascals).

For example, the operation without compression was performed during 6 years at the Northern Stavropol field, during 9 years at the Medvezhye field. The decrease of the reservoir pressure leads to the necessity for the commissioning of the primary (at the reception of the trunk gas pipeline), and then of the secondary compression stations (at the territory of the productive field), that is, for the transition to the operation of the gas field with compression.